Mary's Canine Companions

Mary's Beloved Canine Companions

Sid (left) and Lexi (right)

Sid the Dog

  • Former "Pound" Dog.
  • Found as a stray by Animal Control Officer, never claimed by former owner.
  • A Husky-Malamute Mix with a goofy, middle-of-the-dog-pack personality.
  • Birth date can only be estimated; we gave Sid a birth date of October 23, 2011.  So Sid turned a wonderful 8 years old in October 2019.
  • Lover of food (ok, food obsessed!) and daily walks.
  • Champion Counter Surfer.  Best snatch so far?  A pound of Oscar Mayer Angus Beef Frankfurters.  Gone in about 3 bites.
  • Wonderful Canine Companion.

Lexi the Dog 

  • Former "Pound" Dog.
  • Seized by Police for severe abuse and neglect in a backyard puppy mill.  One of seven dogs seized and the only to survive.
  • A Chow Chow-Pomeranian Mix with a stubborn (!) yet charming princess-like personality.
  • Birth date can only be estimated; we gave Lexi a birth date of August 1, 2010.  So Lexi turned a wonderful 9 years old in August 2019.
  • Lover of backyard lounging time and daily walks.
  • Excellent hunter of backyard squirrels.  Lexi even brought 1 still-alive, squealing squirrel into the house to proudly show me.  
  • Wonderful Canine Companion.
Over the Rainbow Bridge

In Memory:  Titus the Dog (2000 - 2014)

Titus (2000 - 2014)
  • Chow Chow-Samoyed Mix, or something similar.
  • Former "Pound" Dog surrendered to Animal Shelter by former owner.
  • Lover of long walks and treats.
  • Fiercely Faithful, Loyal, and Loving Canine Companion.
  • Such a Very Special Dog!  Truly truly Extra Special.  Nearly 14 1/2 years on Earth until his journey to Doggie Heaven.  Titus is always by our side and in our hearts.