Meet Mary's Canine Companions

Mary's Beloved Canine Companions

Sid (left) and Lexi (right)

Click Here to Meet Sid!
  • Former "Pound" Dog.
  • Found as a Stray by Animal Control, Never Claimed by Former Owner.
  • A Husky-Malamute Mix with a Goofy Personality.
  • Lover of Food (ok, food obsessed!) and Long Walks.
  • Champion Counter Surfer.  Best snatch so far?  A pound of Oscar Mayer Angus Beef Frankfurters.  Gone in about 3 bites.
  • Wonderful Canine Companion.


Click Here to Meet Lexi!
  • Former "Pound" Dog.
  • Seized by Police for Severe Abuse and Neglect in a Backyard Puppy Mill.  One of Seven Dogs Seized and the Only to Survive.
  • A Chow Chow-Pomeranian Mix with a Stubborn Yet Charming Princess-Like Personality.
  • Lover of Backyard Lounging Time and Long Walks.
  • Excellent hunter of backyard squirrels. 
  • Wonderful Canine Companion.
Over the Rainbow Bridge

In Memory:  Titus the Dog (2000 - 2014)

Titus (2000 - 2014)

  • Chow Chow-Samoyed Mix, or something similar.
  • Former "Pound" Dog Surrendered to Animal Shelter by Former Owner.
  • Lover of Long Walks and Treats.
  • Fiercely Faithful, Loyal, and Loving Canine Companion.
  • Nearly 14 1/2 Years on Earth Until His Journey to Doggie Heaven.  Always By Our Side and In Our Hearts.

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