Meet Mary Rae Fouts

Welcome to my blog, Thoughts from Mary Rae Fouts

Greetings!  I'm Mary Rae Fouts.  Welcome to my blog Thoughts from Mary Rae Fouts, where I talk about current happenings and offer my thoughts on a variety of  topics.

I live in beautiful Pleasant Hill, California with my best-husband-in-the-world Jim and faithful canine companions Husky-mix Sid and Chow-mix Lexi.  I love to garden, cook, bake, and collect wine.  Regarding my baking, I am admittedly a sourdough baking fanatic, baking bread, rolls, pizza, and other goodies with all sourdough starter, no active yeast.

I am a voracious reader, crossword puzzler, Scrabble player, and an avid baseball fan.  (Go Giants!)  I also collect Disney memorabilia, with particular fondness for the loveable donkey Eeyore.

Oh, and I prefer to ride a bicycle or walk for local transportation rather than drive a car.

I am passionate about my career.  I bring 29 years of tax, insurance, and financial services experience to my clients, who typically have technical or complex concerns.

I focus my life on three simple concepts:  Say no to negativity.  Be true to yourself.  Don't just stay positive, be positive!  I do not worry about anything because worrying has never solved one concern or problem in the history of the Earth.  I focus on living each day in the moment, enjoying activities that make me happy in both my personal life and professional career.

Learn about my Tax, Insurance Consulting, and Expert Witness Services at Fouts Financial Group.  Contact me at (510) 421-5457 or

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