October 13, 2020

Non Sequitur Nails The False COVID-10 Heard Mentality

Non Sequitur Comic Strip
COVID-19 Heard Mentality
COVID-19 Deaths
COVID-19 Long Haulers

The October 12, 2020 Non Sequitur Comic Strip nailed what has all to often happened with the false heard mentality of people who think COVID-19 is fake, political, or nothing to be worried concerned about.  As in COVID-19 is "just the flu".   

This Non Sequitur Comic Strip is, unfortunately, so true.  If people would have implemented easy safe health practices when the COVID-19 Pandemic started .... wash your hands, social distancing, wear a face mask in enclosed public places, or outside when you are within 6 feet of people .... we'd all be in much better shape right now.  Instead, renewed spikes in COVID-19 cases are occurring throughout the world.

COVID-19 Long Haulers

And for those who think the death rate for COVID-19 is so low, the disease is nothing to be worried about?  Well, take a look at those who have survived COVID-19, only to be left with debilitating health morbidity issues, including experiencing chest pain, brain fog/lack of concentration, shortness of breath, blood clots, rapid heart rate, exhaustion, gastrointestinal issues., extreme muscle and body pain, chills and sweats. Medical experts are calling these people "long haulers", and have no idea how long these health issues will last.

COVID-19 Deaths

And as for those misguided people who think the death rate for COVID-19 is so low, the disease is nothing to be worried about?  Take a look at death statistics of COVID-19 versus seasonal flu.  As of October 12, 2020, approximately 215,0000 people in the United States have died this year from COVID-19.  Compare that to CDC's estimated deaths in the United States form the seasonal flu season of 2019-2020:  21,000 people died.

Deaths in the United States from seasonal flu,
 2019-2020 flu season:  21,000

Deaths in the United States from COVID-19
as of October 12, 2020:  215,000
Still think COVID-19 is nothing to be concerned about?

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.  If not for yourself, do it for those around you.

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