October 10, 2020

Lexi the Dog Wakes Up From An Afternoon Nap

Lexi the Dog

Lexi, my Faithful 10-year old Canine Companion Princess.  Here is my Chow Chow-Pomeranian mix Lexi recently waking up from an afternoon nap.  Lexi loves to be out in the backyard.  One of her favorite lounging and napping spots is along the back side of the house between 2 garden equipment storage closets.  The space between the units is perfect for her fit, and she has a wide view of the backyard, to keep track of the squirrels Lexi so loves to chase!  Lexi's high prey drive is, well, crazy high, even worse than that of her fur brother, Husky-Malamute mix Sid!

Stay optimistic, live in the present, and enjoy your day, just as Lexi does. 

Lexi Wakes Up From An Afternoon Nap
Good Girl, Lexi!

Unconditional love is as close as your nearest animal shelter.  Please adopt, don't shop.

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