October 7, 2020

Honeywell HP300 HEPA Air Purifier ... A Must Have For Clean Air In Your Home!

Honeywell HP300 HEPA Air Purifier

I have Honeywell HP300 HEPA Air Purifier units staged throughout my home.  I originally purchased them to deal with allergy issues and pet dander inside the home.  However, the air purifier units have been essential in keeping my home air clean during the sometimes severe wildfire smoke we are once again experiencing in Northern California.  I have the units running 24/7, and they do a superb job of keeping our air clean inside the home.

One of the units recently alerted me that the HEPA air filters needed replacing.  (Each unit has 1 pre-clean filter, then 3 HEPA filters.)  Take a look at the BLACK old HEPA filters, next to a white, new HEPA filter.  Is that amazing, or what?  Yuck!  I can't imagine what the quality of our home interior air would be like now, without our air purifier units.

3 Dirty Honeywell HEPA Air Filters Next To A Brand New, Clean Filter.
The Honeywell HP300 Air Purifier Really Works! 

I highly recommend Honeywell HP300 HEPA Air Purifiers for clean air inside of your home.  I wouldn't be without our units, that's for certain!

Mary Rae Fouts, EA . Fouts Financial Group

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Mary Rae Fouts