October 4, 2020

Chef Rob Lam: Your Face Mask Isn't Chin Jewerly! Wear Your Mask On Your Face, Not On Your Chin!

Chef Rob Lam

San Francisco Restaurant Lily


The San Francisco Chronicle recently published a lengthy article about Lily, a supposed "thrilling" (as Food Reporter Janelle Bitker described it) new Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco, led by Chef Rob Lam, that opened on October 1.

Memo to Lily Chef Rob Lam:  Wear your face mask on your face, over your nose and mouth.  Don't wear it on your chin!

Upon reading the article in my morning newspaper, what I found less than "thrilling" was the lack of proper COVID-19 safety precautions taken by Chef Rob Lam.  In both photos that appeared in the newspaper article, Lam is wearing his face mask down around his chin like chin jewelry.  Take a look:

Photo Credits:  Scott Strazzante, sfchronicle.com

Would you eat food prepared at a restaurant by a chef who was not wearing a face mask, with the possibility that the chef might be infected with COVID-19?  I sure would not.   And what's more disturbing about this issue, is that the restaurant's website clearly states that "Face masks are mandated for team members at all times.  Face masks are mandated for all guests.  We reserve the right to refuse service to those who do not arrive with masks."  Yet Chef Lam is clearly NOT wearing a mask, violating the restaurant's own safety protocols.  Also makes a person wonder how much attention Chef Lam pays to other restaurant safety measures, including proper hand washing and food holding temperatures.

Wearing a face mask is a truly simple task.  I continue to find it headshaking unfortunate and frustrating that some people either refuse to wear a face mask, or wear one correctly.  And here you have a person of authority at the restaurant ... the CHEF, for goodness sake ... who is not wearing a mask.  Chef Rob Lam should set an example and WEAR A FACE MASK ON HIS FACE, NOT ON HIS CHIN.  If he's not wearing a mask, I'll bet my $1 that other employees are more than likely not wearing masks, too.  I'd also bet my $1 that if you asked Chef Lam if he wears a mask at the restaurant, he'd say "Sure, I wear a mask all of the time."

Sure he wears a mask all of the time.  Hanging from his chin!

Yet another unfortunate example ... a completely avoidable example ... of why people, myself included, are not flocking back to restaurants.  If people would have abided by simple safety protocols such as frequent hand washing and diligently wearing face masks in public when the COVID-19 Pandemic started, we'd all be in much better shape now than we are with this highly infectious, debilitating, and killing disease.

Mary Rae Fouts, EA . Fouts Financial Group

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