July 6, 2020

Sid the Dog "Heats Up" on a Hot July Day!

Sid the Dog

Sid.  My almost 9-year old Husky-Malamute mix.  

Sid is full of antics; every day is an adventure.  For instance, I recently found the reason for Sid's diarrhea and soft stools.  Get this ... He was eating juicy, very ripe plums and Royal Anne cherries that had fallen onto the ground in our backyard.  Didn't eat the pits, just enjoyed the fruit.  Kinda like a self-imposed colon cleanse.  Can't believe that a dog would like plums and cherries!

Anyhoo, here is Sid yesterday.  "Heating Up", as we call it, on the back patio.  Yep, it's 3:10 PM and a hot 92.1*F outside.  And Sid is lounging on a black mat on the patio, in full sun, heating up.  Our late dog Titus did this, too.  The only thing Jim and I can figure is that the heat must feel good on sore doggie muscles, kinda like a heating pad or Bengay.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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  1. My lab lays in the sun like that, too.


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