July 27, 2020

Comments: No More Anonymous Comments Given Increased Spam And Inappropriate Comments

Blog Comments on "Thoughts from Mary Rae Fouts"

Well, unfortunately I've had to implement a change to posting comments on this blog.  Unfortunately, I've seen an increased in both spam and inappropriate comments this summer from Anonymous commenters.  Moderating that annoying crap is taking too much time.  Frankly, it's a waste of my time.

However, I really didn't want to discontinue all commenting.  So, to address this issue, as of yesterday I'm requiring that commenters must comment through their Google Account; no more anonymous comments.

I'll be back on August 1st with new posts.  See you then!  mrf

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Unfortunately, given the anonymous spam and inappropriate comments received, all people who comment must now post from a Google Account. No anonymous comments. All comments are moderated before posting.