July 9, 2020

Answer to Quiz Time! Can You Solve This Crossword Clue?

Quiz Time Answer!

I recently posted the Quiz Question below.  A couple of guesses, but no one got it right.

Here is the answer:

Any letter of the sequence JFMAMJJASOND is a MONTH!

J = January
F = February
M = March
and so on to D = December.

~~  Original post from June 25, 2020  ~~

This Quiz Question was actually a crossword clue in a crossword I recently finished.  And I have to admit, I could not answer it; I solved it with other clues. 

This crossword clue also makes a great Trivia/Quiz Question, so here goes ...

Quiz Question: What is any letter of this sequence:


Hint: The correct answer has 5 letters.

And no cheatin' now!

If you want to take a shot at this quiz, post your answer in the comments section of this post.  I actually got the answer correct right away, even before I looked at the puzzle to see how many letters were in the answer!

I'll post the correct answer in the near future.  Thanks for stopping by!

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