June 19, 2020

Spring Gardening: A Peek At What's Happened This Spring


I do enjoy gardening ... although I could do without the weeds!  😍

I garden organically, and enjoy creating an unstructured, naturalized garden feel in my ground gardens.  I also have lots of fun with my raised beds and many potted plants.

Here is a peek at a few things from my gardens this spring.  Stay well and happy, everyone!

A blooming artichoke covered with honey bees.
Artichokes are one of the best pollinators for bees.  They are loved by honey bees and carpenter bees!
One bloom will attract so many bees, the flowers will move with the bee activity.

A hollyhock plant growing at the front of a rose garden.
This beauty is actually a volunteer from someone else's garden!

Milkweed.  Essential for Monarch Butterflies.

A naturalized garden area.  Peppermint and Queen Anne's Lace (aka Wild Carrot) are shown in the front.

A small wagon full of various succulents.  And yep, the wagon wheels even move!

A simple bouquet of roses.

Just picked strawberries.

Gerber Daisies growing in a pair of Jim's repurposed Cowboy Boots.

Here is a bloom from the Cowboy Boot Gerber Daisies.  Pretty!

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