June 10, 2020

Sid the Dog: He Sure Can Sleep!

Sid the Dog

Our beloved, goofy Husky-Malamute mix.  An almost 9-years old bundle of ... well ... you never know what to expect from Sid next, except that he will always ... ALWAYS ... want food!

And Sid can sleep, Sid Style.  He has the goofiest places he tucks himself into to sleep during the day.  I swear, I never thought a 75-pound dog could almost get lost in his daytime sleeping places!  Take a look:

Sid sleeping under the bed comforter in our guest room.  I keep it pulled down at the foot of the bed so Sid can get under it and sleep.  He actually gets himself under the comforter all by himself.  The dark marks on the carpet are from his wet feet and legs ... He had been in his kiddie pool following our morning walk.

Sid completely under the comforter, just his nose and his XXL front paws exposed.  Sound asleep.

"Mommy, I'm trying to sleep here!"

And Sid also tends bar!  Here he is settling in for an afternoon nap behind our bar.

Unconditional Love is as close as your nearest Animal Shelter.  Please adopt, don't shop.

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  1. Nice bar! Which I had it in my condo, at least I could enjoy it without wearing a mask a gloves. Not easy to tend bar/mix drinks with heavy gloves on all of the time.


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