June 28, 2020

Salt: Want To Cut Back On Your Salt Intake? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Do Just That!

Salt Consumption

It is estimated that the average American consumes more than 3400 milligrams of salt each day, or about 50% more than the recommended 2300 mg daily salt consumption.  Over time, excessive salt consumption can lead to high blood pressure, which stiffens and narrows blood vessels.

Want to cut back on your salt consumption?  It's easier to do than you might think.  The culprit in America's excessive salt consumption is not the ubiquitous salt shaker, but rather the amount of sodium present in restaurant meals and processed foods purchased at grocery stores and convenience marts.

For instance, a lunch purchased at your local Burger King, consisting of a WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese, a Medium French Fries, a Side of Ranch Dipping Sauce, and a 20 oz. Coke will set you back 1530 calories and 1845 mg of sodium.  Ouch.

I'm not suggesting that you never eat out, or never purchased processed food.  Because, well, that's pretty much just one thing:  Impossible!  However, making smart choices, reading labels, and cooking at home with more fresh produce and herbs (think of it as adding colors to your meals and snacks), and salt-free seasonings, can go a long way in reducing your sodium intake.  Heck, the fresh and crunchy Pink Lady Apple I'm munching on right now has about 80 calories and 0 mg sodium.  And its an excellent source of Vitamin C and Potassium.

To get started on cooking with less salt, take a look at this informative website post about How To Cook With Less Salt  from my friends at Betty Crocker.

Enjoy your day!

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