June 22, 2020

Contra Costa County Elected Officials: The Culture Of Rotten Conduct Continues

Joe Canciamilla

Who is he, you might ask?  Well Joe Canciamilla is the latest Contra Costa County Politician to be charge with multiple felony counts related to personal use of campaign funds.  He was an elected official in a multitude of office for some 40 years.  His latest position was that of the Contra Costa County Clerk Recorder.  Canciamilla resigned from that office last year (he then stated that he was 'retiring'), just days before  entering into a  settlement agreement with the California Fair Political Practices Commission over his illegal personal use of campaign funds.

Photo Credit:  East Bay Times
Well, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office has now upped the ante for Canciamilla.  Big time.  The Office recently charged Cancimilla with a whopping 34 felony counts:  30 felony counts of perjury involving his campaign disclosure statements, and an additional 4 felony counts of personal grand theft for illegally taking $261,808.68 of campaign funds for personal use. This conduct allegedly began in 2010.

Canciamilla is also a lawyer and is admitted to the California Bar, but his law license currently is in an inactive status.  As of June 18, he had no disclosable disciplinary actions on his law license.

Canciamilla's charges follow in the steps of former Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson.  Peterson is now a disbarred attorney and convicted felon for also using his campaign funds for personal use.  But Peterson's activities were little league in size compared to Canciamilla's major league baseball sized alleged campaign fund thefts.  Peterson swindled away $66,372 of campaign funds for personal use.  Guess Cancimilla decided that as long as he was gonna steal campaign funds, he might as well go big or go home!

And then there is the current Contra Costa District Attorney and former superior court judge Diana Becton.  She was initially appointed to the position to replaced disgraced former DA Mark Peterson.  Well, as part of the application process at that time, Becton was caught cutting and pasting responses on an application for the DA position, without attribution to the initial writers of the responses.  And she did this not once, not twice, but seven times in her application.  But our County Board of Supervisors appointed her anyway.  Yep, go ahead and commit plagiarism even times on an application, and you can still get appointed as District Attorney.

This rotten culture of politics that is ingrained in all levels is both sick and disgusting.  No wonder people become apathetic to both political issues and voting.  The public deserves better.  Much better.

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