June 13, 2020

5 Easy-To-Follow Rules To Live By When Resuming A More Normal Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19:  Resuming Our New Normal Lives

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My husband Jim and I have had numerous discussions about how steps we are going to take to resume our new normal lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Simply put, we're going to take things nice and slow, giving plenty of time for society to open, and time to see how the COVID-19 virus subsequently progresses.   So much is going to depend on (1) how businesses implement and enforce necessary safety changes, and (2) how people conduct themselves in public, including but not limited to adhering to social distancing.  Oh, and I must admit, I'm a homebody anyway, and enjoy being at home and working from my home office.  Although I have missed our relaxing, fun, and delicious Date Lunches with Jim at La Sen Bistro in Walnut Creek!

As we all take our steps into our new normal lives, this recent article from the New York Times, "5 Rules to Live By During a Pandemic", is a must read, and a must keep! Reporter Tara Parker-Pope consulted infectious disease experts - even an aerosol scientist, how cool is that profession?! - to develop 5 easy-to-follow, common sense rules for helping remain safe from COVID-19 as we enter back into society.  Read the entire article for full details, but quickly here are the 5 recommended rules, plus a 6th from me;
  1. Check Your Community For Active COVID-19 Outbreaks
  2. Limit Close Contacts
  3. Manage Your Exposure
  4. Shorten Risk Activity
  5. Keep Taking Precautions:  Wear a mask in enclosed spaces, continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and try to avoid direct contact with high-tough public areas.
  6. And I'll add my own #6 suggestion:  Touch your face as little as possible.
Stay well everyone, stay positive, and enjoy each day!

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