January 12, 2020

Stolen Packages: Increased Online Shopping Means Ripe Pickings for Scumbag Thieves

Stolen Packages

Regretfully, today's robust online shopping environment has created opportunities for scumbag thieves:  Stealing Packages.

The New York Times published this fascinating - yet very troubling - article on the topic last month.  In New York City, an estimated 90,000 packages are stolen - or otherwise go missing - each day.  That's a 20% increase in only 4 years!

And it's not just an NYC problem.  It's everywhere.  Nationwide, an estimated 1.7 million packages area stolen - or otherwise go missing - each day.  That's an astonishing 620,050,000 - six hundred twenty million, fifty thousand packages - that are stolen or go missing across the United States each year.  And that's assuming the theft rate does not increase.  Which, regretfully, it likely will.

Photo Credit:  nytimes.com

There are many measures consumers can take when shopping online, including renting a private mailbox at your local UPS store for receiving mail and packages (I've had one since moving to California in 1994), and using Amazon lockers for delivery.  Regretfully, scumbags are everywhere, looking for easy crimes of opportunity.

Stay safe, everyone.

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