November 13, 2019

Healthier Eating and Living: Add Dark Leafy Greens to Your Diet for a Low Calorie, Yummy, and Very Nutritious Food!

Dark Leafy Greens

Adding delicious - and low calorie - nutrition to your diet is easy by incorporating dark leafy greens into your diet.  Yes, I still enjoy iceberg lettuce and butter lettuce, but include dark leafy greens in my diet each day.  And remember:  the darker the green, the more nutritious it is.

Dark leafy greens can be eaten raw, sauteed/stir fried, or incorporated into cooked and baked dishes including soups, pasta sauces, and pizzas.  An excellent source of dark leafy greens in many varieties is organicgirl triple washed greens that come in recyclable  clamshells.  Oh, and organicgirl also has more traditional lettuce mixes, including butter lettuce.  Check out the organicgirl website here.  Their website also includes great recipes.

I always have 2 different varieties of organicgirl dark leafy greens in my refrigerator.  Right now, it's organicgirl Baby Arugula and their Protein Greens.  Take a look at the Nutrition  Info for Protein Greens ... wow!


I will be posting some easy cooking and baking times for adding dark leafy greens to your diet.  In the meantime, try some today.  And remember:  simply adding some dark leafy greens to your usual lettuce salad will add delicious flavor and nutrition.  Easy healthier eating and living!

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