November 4, 2019

Fire Insurance: Do You Have Adequate Fire Insurance Coverage?

Fire Insurance

Wildfires are once again present, large and small, in both Northern and Southern California.  Anyone can be affected by these devastating events, and people simply must plan accordingly.  The Kincaid Fire in Sonoma County, California necessitated the mandatory evacuation of nearly 200,000 people.

And all this while at the same time PG&E, California's largest utility provider, shutoff electricity to many millions of people in Northern and Central California in 4 different mass "safety" power outages during October.  Some people - homes and businesses - were or have been without electricity for nearly an entire week.  Also, natural gas was shut off to many areas in Sonoma County given the Kincaid Fire.

In other words, misery upon misery.

Which all brings me to the topic of this post:  Do you have adequate Fire Insurance for your home, business, or rental property?

When is the last time you reviewed your Fire Insurance Coverage to ascertain you have adequate coverage in the event of a fire?

Fire Insurance Coverage should be periodically reviewed to ascertain you have adequate coverage in the event of losses in a fire.  The ideal time for reviewing coverage is when you receive your annual insurance policy renewal information.  Also, coverage should be reviewed if you make substantial changes to your property, including construction such as remodel and addition work.

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  1. Is fire insurance always covered in homeowner insurance policies?

    1. Fire insurance is contained in traditional Homeowner Insurance policies. If a homeowner or property owner has property in a high risk wildfire area, and cannot obtain Homeowner or similar Property Insurance, some states have a high risk Fire Insurance policy that can be purchased as a last resort. California is one such state. The coverage is very expensive, however, and only provides coverage for fire related losses. It does not coverage for other losses such as storm damage, nor does it provide liability coverage that is found in a traditional Homeowner Insurance policy. mrf


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