October 29, 2019

Pacific Gas and Electric Company: A Twice in Bankruptcy, Six-Time Convicted Felon That is Yet Again - For The 4th Time in 3 Weeks - Turning Much of California Into a Dystopian Third World State.


Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Yep, PG&E is once again put millions of people in Northern California and Central California at its mercy by shutting off electricity yet once again in another of it's so call "Public Safety Power Shutoff", or PSPS.  Reason? Get this:

PG&E stated the current electricity shutoff - to some 600,000 utility customers - is an "effort to stop the Kincaid fire" that is burning in Sonoma County.

Can someone please explain to me how shutting off electricity to people in Central California - hundreds of miles away from Sonoma County - and other location in Northern California nowhere near the Kincaid fire - is going to extinguish the Kincaid Fire????  Anyone???

You can read my prior post on this topic by clicking on "PG&E" or "Utility Issues" in the Blog Topics List.

But these power shutoffs aren't for public safety, in spite of the attempt at providing the event with a catchy name.  The electricity shutoffs are nothing more than an effort by PG&E to protect itself and its shareholders from liability and losses in the event PG&E utility equipment starts a fire.

Oh, and these mass power shutoffs were supposed to be a 'measure of last resort'?  Bull crap to that.  The current electricity shutoff beginning today - for some 600,000 PG&E customers, nearly 2,000,000 people - is the 4th time in just 3 weeks that PG&E has shut off power to millions of people.  I'd call that a more of an immediate go-to tactic than a tactic of last resort, wouldn't you?  Thankfully I'm not included in this current electricity shutoff.

400,000 PG&E Customers Have Been Without Power Since Saturday, October 26.  That's 1.2  MILLION Or More People.  Today Is Tuesday, October 29. As Of This Afternoon, PG&E Has No Idea When These 1.2 Million Or More People Will Have Their Electricity Restored. 

No Idea Whatsoever. None.

That's Flat Out Wrong. And It Should Be Criminally Wrong.

And to add insult to injury, some PG&E customers that have been without electricity since Saturday - and it's now Tuesday - won't even have their power restored before this current "Public Safety Power Shutoff to Protect PG&E's Arse and the Company's Shareholders " begins today.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, as of 2 PM today (Tuesday, October 29), some 400,000 PG&E customers, both homes and businesses, including the ENTIRE COUNTY of Mendocino, have been without electricity since Saturday and PG&E has given them no idea of when electricity will return.  According to reports, Plumas and Alpine counties are both without nearly any electricity for customers.

Oh, and get this - 99% of PG&E customers in Marin County (population 2017 was about 260,000 residents) were without electricity in the outage beginning last Saturday.  Those that had their electricity restored yesterday were told it would be cut off again today, but not until 11 PM so the customers could "prepare" for another electricity shutdown.

And what did good Ol' PG&E do?  The company started shutting off electricity in Marin County at 8 AM this morning.  A full 15 hours early that the company's publicly announced electricity shutoff time.

But wait, that's not all!  The weather forecast for Northern and Central California for tonight and tomorrow night (Tuesday October 29 and Wednesday October 30) is for cold overnight temperatures.  Nighttime temperatures are forecasted to be in the upper 20s to mid 30s in the North Bay valleys, mid 30s to low 40s in the  East Bay valleys, low 30s to around 40 in the South Bay valleys, and upper 20s to around 40 in the Salinas Valley.

Which means people and and businesses will need to turn on heat to heat their homes and buildings.  But no electricity = no heat.  So PG&E customers without electricity will not only be in the dark, they'll be freezing, too.

That's all simply so cruel it is criminal.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Pyromaniac  .  Greedy and Price Gouging  .  Extortionist

As a society, we cannot continue to live like this, at the absolute mercy of PG&E.  How our energy regulators, politicians, and the Federal Bankruptcy Judge overseeing PG&E's bankruptcy allow the company to operate like this is beyond me.  Heck, if PG&E had its way, we'd be without electricity for a full 3 months or more from the start of August until the end of October, with a side note from PG&E "sorry for the inconvenience".  But hey, that just might be next in our new Dystopian Third World State, the New California.

As I've stated before, I have great respect - and empathy - for PG&E's rank and file workers.  Would not want any of their jobs.  But upper management, executives, and directors need to be given the boot.  And some of them criminally charged and jailed.   How can California regulators, politicians, and the Federal Bankruptcy Court allow PG&E to hold 2/3 of California in a stranglehold, and at its mercy?

California, the 5th largest economy in the world.  One of the largest and most advanced tech centers in the world.  Turned into a dystopian and apocalyptic Third World State by for-profit, inept, and incompetent Pacific Gas and Electric Company.  A utility company that is a 6-time convicted felon and is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the 2nd time.

Living the Dream, Baby.  Living the Dream.

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