September 8, 2019

Health Insurance: Don't be Like Senator Kamala Harris. Know Your Policy so You Know What is Covered. And What Isn't.

Health Insurance.

Not the most exciting topic to blog about, but an important topic nonetheless.

And speaking of Health Insurance, much is being said about the topic from the larger-than-a-chicken-coop-can-hold flock of politicians running for the Democratic nomination for President.  As I've read up on the varying positions and plans the candidates have for Health Insurance, it's been headshaking to discover how little some candidates know about Health Insurance, what it covers, and why Health Insurance and health care is so expensive in the United States.

Senator Kamala Harris
Clueless on What Health Insurance Covers

Take Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris, for example.  Shortly before the 2nd Democratic Debate (of which I watched zilcho of), Senator Harris came out with her own proposal for Universal Health Care.  Part of her proposal is a provision that people would be able to purchase a private Supplemental Health Insurance Policy.  A Health Insurance Policy, she said, to cover things her Universal Health Care program would not cover ... like cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery??!! Give me a break!  Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure.  Elective.  Health Insurance does not cover elective ... also known as medically unnecessary ... medical procedures.  Never has, never will.

Wanna Look Like Nancy Pelosi?
Sorry, But Health Insurance Won't Cover Your Face Lift.

So no, Senator Harris.  The Supplemental Health Insurance Policies you envision will not cover botox injections for wrinkle control.  Also won't cover breast implants and breast augmentation.  Oh, and the policies won't cover Nancy Pelosi-like face lifts, either.

Yet another and all too common example of a politician who speaks about a very important topic he/she knows little about.

Don't be like Senator Kamala Harris.  Review your Health Insurance Policy so you know what is covered.  And what isn't.   

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  1. Harris copies Warren. More and more free stuff that is not free.


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