August 9, 2019

Your Odds of Becoming Disabled? That's a Question Nearly Impossible to Answer.

Disability Insurance.

Healthier Eating and Living.

As a Life and Disability Insurance Analyst licensed by the California Department of Insurance, one of the questions posed by clients with Disability Insurance concerns is:  "What are the odds that I will become disabled during my working years?"

And my answer?  Not one I would prefer to give ... but ... "That question is unfortunately nearly impossible to specifically answer."

Why so?  Well, there are so many variables, and so many data sources (some of which are most certainly not objective, unfortunately) that all I can typically tell clients is a very general answer:  low risk, middle-of-the-road risk, high risk, or such a very high risk that your occupation is considered uninsurable for insurance company issued Long Term Disability Insurance.

Oh, and one more thing:  Lifestyle choices can greatly improve your odds of not becoming disabled.  Eating well, exercising, avoiding excessive stress and risky activities, and getting adequate sleep all work in your favor for better odds of leading a non-disabled life.

For another take on the "odds of becoming disabled" question, read this New York Times Column "The Odds of a Disability Are Themselves Odd".  The column was written some 9 years ago, but it's still relevant today. 

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