August 21, 2019

Sourdough Pizza: Best Pizza Ever!

Sourdough Pizza.

Homemade Sourdough Pizza with a New York Style Crust (not too thin, and not too thick) is simply the best pizza ever!  I always keep sourdough pizza dough in the refrigerator.  The longer is is in the fridge for flavors to mingle, the better the pizza is!

I bake the pizza in a 350* F convection oven, equivalent to about a 375* F regular oven.  That way the pizza bakes nicely without becoming all burned on top and around the edges.  This gives a chewy crust with just a bit of crisp around the edge, but nothing burned or charred.

Here is a recent bake on my 14 inch Lodge cast iron pizza pan.  Want some?!

Pizza before baking.  The dough includes chopped dried basil,
and has chopped red bell peppers on top.

Par baked pizza crust, ready to top!

Finished Sourdough Pizza.  Red bell peppers, pizza sauce,
pepperoni, pineapple, Monterey Jack cheese.  Crust is chewy
with a bit of crisp on the edges.  Best Pizza ever!

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