August 3, 2019

Data Security: Do Your Tax Preparer and Insurance Agents Have Adequate Data Security Plans?

Data Security Plans.

Do you know that financial service providers are required, by various federal and state laws, to create and implement data security plans to protect the privacy of client information?  Professionals subject to these laws cover a very broad area, including not just stockbrokers, bankers, and investment advisors, but also tax preparers, insurance agents, and similar consultants.  The Data Security Plan must cover all forms of client communication and documents, including both electronic and paper data.

This Data Security Plan is in addition to Client Privacy Policies, which must be provided to new clients, and then made available to existing clients on at least an annual basis.

Hackers and Identity Thieves abound.  Everyone should be concerned about the safety of their private information.  Don't hesitate to ask your financial services professionals about their Data Security Plans.  Data safety is no laughing matter, for sure.

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