July 31, 2019

A $50 Hamburger. Yet Another Only in California Crazy Moment.

The $50 Hamburger.

The $50 Black Label Burger at Selby's restaurant in ultra wealthy Atherton,  California.
Does it look gross, or what?!

Well, I got some more Burger News for you. And this Burger News is truly a Crazy in California story .

The posh restaurant Selby's recently opened in Atherton, California.   Atherton is a tony, high-falutin town on the San Francisco Peninsula, population 7,238 people.  It takes the prize of likely being the wealthiest community in the country, with an average household income of $450,000.

Yep.  Nearly a Half Million Buckaroos a year.

In other words, Athertonites live in another world much different that you and I.

And now their hamburgers are from another world, too.

Take the Black Label Burger on the menu at the newly-opened Selby's restaurant.  It supposedly took the chef six months to develop.  It is made with a custom blended ground beef mixture (surprisingly NOT identified as grass fed beef), and lightly grilled ... the chef recommends a rare or medium rare burger.   (Food poisoning from undercooked meat, anyone?)  Served on only the best fine china and with what, according to the burger's photo,  looks like one slice each of old, rotten and getting moldy tomato and onion, and what appears to be a solitary 4-inch or so piece of butter lettuce. Oh, and don't forget the side of French fries, too.

And gee, you would think for a $50 burger that the chef would at least use Grass Fed Ground Beef!

The burger is topped with a stingy 2-ounces of Epoisses cheese, which is a soft French cheese that melts and runs down the burger.   I mean good Lord, give me some cheese!  Finally, the burger is topped with what one commenter on a San Francisco Chronicle newspaper story about the Black Label Burger said "resembles sweepings from the kitchen floor."  I agree, but alas those floor sweepings are said to be roughly 5-ounces of shaved Australian black truffles.  Not a clue as to why the chef is using truffles from Australia, rather than truffles from France to match his French cheese.  Seems like a misguided cooking contradiction to me.

As for ketchup on the side?  Well, Selby's has not disclosed whether or not a side of ketchup is also available for the burger.  Could be that  Selby's restaurant and the ultra wealthy Athertonians shun the simple All American condiment ketchup.   Heck, ketchup might even be banned in Atherton  (Disclosure: I do not like ketchup.  Neither does my husband Jim.  Hopefully that does not make us Un-American.)

Regardless ... or perhaps Irregardless ... to me, Selby's Black Label Burger just looks plain gross.   I wouldn't touch it if one was given to me.  Would you?

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  1. That does look gross. Is this labeled as a GMO product?

  2. To the best of my knowledge, there are no FDA labeling requirements that require this fake meat to be labeled as a GMO food product. Not sure if any states have the requirement; CA does not. Maybe that will be something on the state or federal level we'll see in the future.

    Also, no legal requirement for restaurants to but a notice on their menus that this fake meat is a GMO food product. mrf


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