May 30, 2019

Healthier Eating and Living: Study Shows Just 10 Minutes of Walking per Day Helps Deter Arthritis

Got arthritis?

I do.  Tendonitis flare ups, too.  Thankfully, while painful at times, they do not keep me from engaging in exercise that I enjoy, including walking and gardening.

And, the good news (particularly for senior citizens with arthritis) is that if you have arthritis, just 10 minutes of walking daily helps prevent disability from arthritis.

Yep, just 10 minutes of walking a day.  Easy!  No need to join a fancy gym.  And you will destress and clear your mind, too.

True, I walk much longer than 10 minutes a day.  But this study (from Northwestern University in Illinois) show promise for arthritic senior citizens who may otherwise be more or less immobile and chair bound.  Read more about this study here.

The study results are pretty darn fantastic!  According to The Telegraph (see link above):
"The new research showed that just a weekly hour of exercise reduced their risk of mobility disability - walking too slowly to safely cross a street or less than one meter per second - by 85 percent and their risk of activities of daily living disability, difficulty performing morning routine tasks such as walking across a room, bathing and dressing, by almost 45 percent."
So get outside, and enjoy Mother Nature's beauty with a healthy walk.  As I do each and every day.

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