March 22, 2019

Alzheimer's Disease: Keeping Your Skin Moisturized May Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease

In the United States, 10 percent of adults age 65 and older has Alzheimer's disease, yet we still don't know what causes this devastating disease.  Nor is there a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

However, one new study shines some hope on preventing dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease.  And it's a very simple procedure:  Keep your skin moisturized.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  Alzheimer's researchers think inflammation and immune cells called cytokines may contribute to dementia-causing brain damage.

As we age, our skin becomes drier and may become inflamed.  Even minor skin inflammation attracts high levels of cytokines, but aged skin doesn't retain enough moisture to let inflammation-reducing cytokines do their job.  As a result, some of the overly abundant cytokines can enter the bloodstream and settle in the brain.  Researchers  think these brain-settled cytokines may then be responsible for increasing production of the brain-damaging amyloid beta plaques.

These brain plaques are one of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.  In addition, people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia typically have above normal levels of cytokines in their blood.

While more research needs to be done on this topic, initial findings are positive.  So keep your facial moisturizer, hand lotion, and body lotion handy, and moisturize on!

For more information about Alzheimer's disease, visit the Alzheimer's Association.

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