November 29, 2018

Pears: Oregon Bartlett Pears Are Beyond Delicious This Autumn!

I love fresh pears, especially Bartlett pears.  So does my husband Jim.

USA Pears:  Oregon Grown Pears

The most recent Bartlett pear harvest from Oregon pear growers has been beyond delicious, the best fresh Bartlett pears we've ever eaten.  They are sweet and juicy, with a zingy pear flavor.  Oregon-grown pears will be noted with a USA Pears sticker.

Pears are also grown in California, they are noted with a Grown In California sticker.  However, California pears just don't match up to Oregon pears this year.  They are good, but not nearly as delicious as Oregon-grown pears.

Here are Oregon-grown pears, from the Hood River growing region, available for sale at my local grocer Diablo Foods.  Yum!

Did you know that all pears are picked by hand?  That's a lot of labor!  Also, pears must be picked before they are ripe, and allowed to ripen off the tree.  If allowed to ripen on the tree, the fruit will ripen from the inside out, and typically rot in the inside.  That's a no bueno.

Regarding my favorite pear, the good ol' Bartlett, let the green unripe pears ripen on a window sill until they reach your desired degree of ripeness.  You can also place them in a brown paper bag to ripen, but I prefer to use a kitchen window sill.  Bartletts will turn from green to yellow as they ripen, some will also have a blush of red.  We like our Bartletts when they are nearly all yellow with just a touch of green left.  They are sweet and juicy, but still have a bit of crunch and are not mushy.

To test the ripeness of other pears, lightly press on the pear's neck (stem) area.  The pear should yield a bit to your touch.  Also look for a bit of wrinkling in the pear's skin near the stem.

Bartlett pears pair well with other fruits, too, no pun intended!  Here's one of my favorite combos:  A fresh Bartlett pear and berries, this time blackberries:

Pears are nutritional powerhouses.  A medium sized fresh pear is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and provides 24% of your recommended daily fiber.  All for about 105 calories!

Enjoy a fresh pear today!
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