October 24, 2018

Third Point LLC: Did you receive their despicable racist mailer?

Third Point LLC, an $18 billion investment firm, has earned the Bonehead of the Month Award!

How so?  Glad you asked!

With midterm elections drawing near, our mailboxes are inundated with campaign mailers.  You know, that annoying junk that goes in the trash.

Speaking of these mailers, yesterday's experience was a head shaking jaw dropper for my husband Jim and me.  You see, we received a mailer packet with this mailer showing through the plastic wrapping:

Yep, a mailer advocating to  VOTE THE WHITE CARD  , if you can believe it.

And here's the rest of the story ...

My husband Jim and I looked at this mailer, jaws dropped open and heads shaking. At first appearance, to both of us, the unopened packet appeared to be a campaign mailer from a right wing extremist group advocating voting for a “white card”, or “white (Caucasian) slate” in next month’s midterm elections.

Third Point LLC

Upon opening the packet, we saw it was actually a mailer from $18 billion investment firm Third Point LLC, directed towards a Campbell’s Soup proxy vote. (Disclosure: we own shares in Campbell's Soup stock.) Nevertheless, the very offensive racist tone in Third Point LLC's mailer remains unchanged.

Amazing in today’s #MeToo and inclusivity-focused environment that Third Point LLC, an $18 billion investment company,  would undertake such a despicably themed public campaign against Campbell’s Soup.  You can bet my husband and I would never, ever Vote For The Racist White Card.  

And I kinda think it's time for Third Point LLC to refresh their public relations department, or otherwise #REFRESHTHEIRPRDEPARTMENT.

I sent an email to Third Point LLC this morning, with a copy to Ken Gosnell, VP Finance Strategy & Investor Relations at Campbell's Soup, voicing my extreme displeasure of Third Point LLC's conduct, and their derogatory racist mailer aimed at Campbell's Soup.  If you would like to share your thoughts with Third Point LLC, here are pertinent email addresses:

Third Point LLC General Inquiries:  ir@thirdpoint.com
Third Point LLC Media Inquiries: edoyle@thirdpoint.com
Third Point LLC Voting Related Matters:  Okapi Partners LLC, cpbinfo@okapipartners.com

Ken Gosnell, VP Finance Strategy & Investor Relations at Campbell's Soup, can be reached via email at ken_gosnell@campbellsoup.com.

And to paraphrase a quote from one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes:

No Soup For You, Third Point LLC!
and while I'm at it ... 

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  1. If Cambells changed soup labels to all white, would the takeover people be satisfied?

  2. The seinfeld Soup Nazi character was a classic. He was like one of my old teachers


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