September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence: Relentless storm slams North Carolina coast.

Hugely powerful and massive Hurricane Florence is battering North Carolina.  The Category 1 hurricane is slowly moving further inland into North Carolina and part of South Carolina, then will likely head northwest into Kentucky and West Virginia.  The storm is expected to cause catastrophic flash flooding and storm surge flooding, followed by possibly weeks of river flooding.  The river flooding will be exacerbated by the storm surge at the coast, which acts to prohibit water from draining out rivers and into the ocean.  This phenomena was the cause of much devastation during Hurricane Harvey in the Houston, Texas area.

Hurricane Florence is moving at a crawl, currently at about 5 miles per hour.  This turtle-like-pace creates an exponential amount of rain for the affected areas.  Hurricane Florence is expected to drop 40 inches of rain in some areas, possibly in just a 3 day span.   As of late this morning eastern time today, some parts of North Carolina had already received 15 inches of rain. 3 million people are estimated to eventually be without power (electricity), with no timetable for restoration of power.  Pure devastation.

Here is what Hurricane Florence looked like about 7:15 eastern time this morning when the center of the hurricane reached landfall along the North Carolina coast:

As an admitted weather buff, it is hard for me to fathom how massive this storm is.   I'll post about insurance coverage for hurricane damage in the future.  (And yes, it gets complicated what damage is covered in insurance policies, and what damage is not.)  But in the meantime I hope people are adequately prepared, and hope for no loss of life.

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Russia probably started the hurricane i sense an investigation soon into hurricane meddling.

    1. With today's political environment in the United States, nothing would surprise me!


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