August 23, 2018

Happy National Sandwich Month!

I eat a lot of sandwiches, and what a better month to celebrate doing so.  August is National Sandwich Month!

I don't have a favorite sandwich, as I have very broad tastes and enjoy many different sandwich fixings.  Lately I've been making homemade refrigerator bread and butter pickles to have with my lunch sandwiches.  That's been a treat!  Also, I bake all of our bread, all sourdough with my own sourdough starter made with only bread flour and bottled spring water.

And what about this yummy sounding sandwich?!  A dynamite looking chicken sandwich that incorporates one of my favorite fruits:  pears.  Here is a link to the Casablanca Pear and Chicken Sandwich recipe, courtesy of USA Pears.   Doesn't this sandwich look delicious?!

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Happy National Sandwich Month, everyone!

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