July 5, 2018

L.L.Bean: Lawsuit Against Outdoor Retailer's New Return Policy Given The Boot!

In this February 16, 2018 post, I wrote about outdoor retailer L.L.Bean's new return policy.  A small - but growing - number of people were abusing the no questions asked, lifetime return guarantee the company had maintained for decades.  The revised return guarantee (effective with L.L.Bean items purchased beginning February 9, 2018) provides a one-year return limit for most items.

And, as anyone who does any shopping knows, a one-year return limit is very ... very ... generous.

But, alas, not generous enough for some people.  As I stated in my original post, within 3 days of the return guarantee change, L.L.Bean was served with a lawsuit requesting class action status, claiming that consumers are damaged because L.L. Bean was dishonoring its "warranty", and therefore consumers are deprived of the said "warranty" they purchased.

Thankfully, a Federal Court Judge disagreed, and recently - pardon the pun - gave the lawsuit the boot!  The Judge stated that the Illinois plaintiff failed to prove (1) that he was financially damaged by his purchase of L.L.Bean boots, or (2) that he was dissatisfied with the boots he purchased.

Similar lawsuits against L.L.Bean are pending in three other states, including litigation-crazy California.  Hopefully they will get the boot, too.

United States Courts.  There's always somthin' crazy going on!

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