June 16, 2018

Slim Jims Meat Snack Sticks: Can You Guess How Many Pieces Are Produced Each Year?

Slim Jims. The worldwide meat-and-other-flavors snack stick that has been around since 1929.

The Troy, Ohio plant that produces all of the Slim Jims snack sticks - yep, just 1 factory does all the work - recently made headlines.  And in a good way.  Efficiency changes made to the plant both (1) eliminated unplanned production interruptions,and (2) reduced waste by 504 tons in a single year.  That's more than 1 million pounds of waste eliminated each year!  From a single factory!

But what really caught my eye was learning how many pieces of Slim Jims the factory produces each year.

Any guesses?
A Billion Pieces of Slim Jims!!

Now that's a lotta high sodium meat snack!

Read more about Slim Jims' production and waste saving efforts in this Troy, Ohio news article.

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