June 29, 2018

Quiz Answer: Can you name this country?

I recently posted this quiz:  Can you identify the country that has the highest percent of land ... over 90%! ... covered by desert?   You can read the post and any comments here.

And the answer is ... drumroll ...

Egypt !

Yes, Egypt is considered to be the most desert-covered country on Earth, with over 90% of its land covered by desert.  Egypt is also home to the largest Arabian city, Cairo, with a population of approximately 19.5 million people.  No that's a lot of people!  Another million or so people live in the greater Cairo metropolitan area.

Desert + Human Population = Problems

And when you consider Egypt's population (nearly 100 million people) and desert habitat, you have a number of severe environmental impacts, sanitation among them.  Get this:  Only about 50% of Egypt's population is connected to a sanitary sewer system.  Because of this lack of basic sanitation, and estimated 50,000 children die each year in Egypt ... each and every year ... due to diarrhea.  That's beyond sad.

Getting back to the quiz .... one person guessed Libya.  Libya - who happens to be Egypt's neighbor to the west - is a close 2nd in desert coverage, with an estimated 90% of Libya covered by desert.  So good answer!

I hope you enjoyed this quiz!

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