June 6, 2018

Cast Iron Cooking: Cleaning is a snap with a Chain Mail Scrubber!

As my husband Jim will tell you, I love to cook and bake.   Some of my favorite cookware and bakeware pieces are cast iron, both traditional cast iron and enameled cast iron.  With proper care, they have life long durability, and have excellent - and even - heat retention.  Plus with use, traditional cast iron develops a wonderful seasoned coating that creates a natural nonstick surface.  Awesome!

My Stainless Steel Chain Mail Scrubber

My Lodge Cast Iron Wok.
Love It!
When cleaning your traditional cast iron, I've found that my good old fashioned stainless steel Chain Mail Scrubber is a life saver.   I keep the scrubber hanging from a hook near my sink.  Clean up is a breeze, once again proving that old fashioned - rather than high tech - is sometimes best.  I bought my scrubber at my local grocery store, but they are also available on Amazon.

Oh, and don't forget to thoroughly dry your cast iron, and give it a light coating of oil (I use avocado oil) after cleaning.  Your cast iron will thank you for that, and only improve with each use.

Happy cast iron cooking and baking!
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