April 14, 2018

Missing Husky Identified in an Unusual Way: By Singing to His Favorite Tune!

Photo credit:  goodnewsnetwork.org

Missing Husky ID'd by singing to his favorite tune!

Ready for a heartwarming story that will put a smile on your face and perhaps tears in your eyes?  A missing Husky in Israel was found by police and ID'd in an unusual manner:  By singing to his favorite tune.

So what happened?  After the Husky's owner reported the dog missing, the dog was eventually found by the joint effort of a group of good samaritan teenagers and police.  The Husky was skinny and a bit disheveled, but otherwise unharmed.

When the police called the owner with the good news, the owner stated the dog could be positively identified by playing one of the dog's favorite songs, with which the dog loved singing along.   And singing as only a Husky can do!  The Husky's favorite songs just happened to be 2 television show theme songs.

I cannot understand what the people in the video clip are saying, but I truly do not need to.  Watch the video below to see what happens when a police officer plays the Husky's favorite television show tune over his phone ... and the subsequent tear-filled Husky/Owner reunion!

You can also learn more about the reunited lost Husky and his favorite tunes in this Good News Network article.

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