April 17, 2018

IRS: Trying to E-File Tax Returns Today? No Can Do. Come Back in 7981 Years After the IRS Systems Are Back Up!

IRS E-file and Payment Systems Are Down.

And this has been the case since early this morning.  IRS Systems Down.  As in Crashed.  Today, on Tax Day, when 2017 Individual Income Tax Returns (or Extensions to File with any due tax payments) are due, as well as 1st Estimated Tax Payments for taxpayers (such as myself) who pay taxes via quarterly estimated payments.

And what is the IRS saying about this huge mess?  Essentially nothing.

Here is the notice taxpayers saw today when they tried to make electronic tax payments via the IRS Direct Pay System:

image credit:  newyorktimes.com

No kidding.  Come back to pay (and file) your taxes in 7981 years, after this "Planned Outage" is over.

For more information on this ginormous debacle, check out this New York Times article.

Hackers?  Don't know, but that is a possibility.  Which, given the lack of computer security at the IRS, would come as no surprise to me.  (I posted about about this critical topic just last week, here.)  Just one more reason why I have never, ever, EVER been a proponent of electronic payment of tax payments, and electronic filing of tax returns. 

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