March 12, 2018

Sourdough Pizza for Dinner Tonight!

Sourdough Pizza.

Stuffed Crust Sourdough Pizza for dinner tonight.  Just what I needed after not feeling well today.

Pizza baked on Lodge cast iron pizza pan.  Dough made with my stiff sourdough starter (unbleached bread flour and spring water), Caputo Soft Wheat Flour Tipo 00 (first time working with this flour), spring water, local honey, kosher salt, Italian seasoning.  Dough spent 72 hours in the fridge.

Finished pizza included a stuffed crust (Swiss cheese).  Crust par baked at 350*F Convection oven, then topped with Sugo di Pomidoro pizza sauce, bacon, sauteed organic green onion and red bell pepper, fresh organic spinach, dry salami, mozzarella cheese.  Baked until done.

My husband and I both agreed this was the best Sourdough Pizza I've ever made.  The Caputo Soft Wheat Flour is a winner; paired exceptionally well with the nutty Swiss cheese in the stuffed crust.

Want some?  

Finished Sourdough Pizza.

Stuffed Crust Sourdough Pizza before placing in the oven.

Par baked pizza crust before topping.

Bacon and sauteed organic green onion and organic red bell pepper.

The Caputo flour I used.  A winner!

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