February 16, 2018

Happy Lunar New Year! Here's how to make your own delicious Asian dumplings, aka potstickers.

Chinese Dumplings aka Potstickers
Happy Lunar New Year as the Asian world celebrates a new year.

I am a huge fan of Asian-inspired cooking, particularly the spicy cuisines from China's Sichuan and Hunan regions.

And Asian dumplings, better known in the United States as potstickers ... I love 'em, particularly dipped in a hot Chinese chili oil or hot mustard sauce.  But boy, when they are not prepared well ... Yuck!  And in my humble opinion, most of the frozen potstickers available in your local grocery store are simply yuck!

But no worries.  I you do not have a favorite Chinese restaurant to get your potstickers, or if you simply want to make them yourself, making these versatile dumplings is not difficult.  The dough just includes 3 simple ingredients; the dumplings themselves can be filled with just about anything you desire.  Disclosure:  I have not tried a peanut butter and jelly filling.  Yet. 😄

And don't worry if your dumplings don't look perfect.  The appearance isn't going to affect the taste.  Just be certain to roll your dough thin enough so the Asian dumpling isn't too doughy.

To get started on your Asian dumpling aka potsticker kitchen venture, click on the Facebook post below and check out this easy-to-follow and informative post from one of my favorite baking and cooking companies, King Arthur Flour:

新年快乐 (Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year) everyone!

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