November 14, 2017

Stove Top Stuffing: Thanksgiving Dinner Stretch Waistband Pants Are All Sold Out! Bummer!

I don't eat Stove Top Stuffing.  In fact, I don't eat any stuffing.  I don't like bread stuffing, and neither does my husband Jim.

But, I gotta give Stove Top Stuffing a big thumbs up for a much needed, light-hearted marketing idea:
Thanksgiving Dinner Pants that resemble a box of Stove Top Stuffing and come with a stretch waist so you can eat all the Stove Top Stuffing you want on Thanksgiving.
No joke.  Is this hilarious, or what?!

And the Limited Edition Pants - priced at $19.95, with free shipping - apparently sold out pretty much immediately!  But you can still download Stove Top Stuffing's free Holiday Card!  You can learn about the pants and download your free Holiday Card by visiting

Screenshot credit:

Just wonder how much they will re-sell for on Ebay?

For more information about this hilarious gourmand-related fashion trend, click on Stove Top Stuffing's Facebook post below. 😋

Thanks for the smile today, Stove Top Stuffing!

Mary Rae Fouts


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