November 13, 2017

Les Gourmands Bakery in San Francisco: $29 for a loaf of burned bread? Give me a break!

And you thought the price of housing is high in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Try $29 for a loaf of burned bread.

Les Gourmands, a new French bakery in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood, seems hell bent on starting a new Only-in-California happening:

Burned Brioche Bread.  At $29 A Loaf.
Yes, that's right, 29 buckaroos.  
For one loaf of burned-to-a-charcoal-blackened-top bread.

The owners of the bakery are charging this higher than Holy Hell price ostensibly to fund a paid intership program which teaches people with zilcho baking experience how to become bakers.  Whatever.  But the overriding issue is that I wouldn't pay $2 for the loaf of bread, let alone $29.

The bakery states another reason is the time it takes to make the Brioche Bread; it's a 3 day process.  Ok, then why doesn't the bakery take any care after that laborious 3 day process TO ACTUALLY BAKE THE BREAD CORRECTLY??!!

Here is a loaf of properly-baked Brioche Bread.  The crust has a lovely sheen and is a nice golden brown:

Photo credit:

Then then there is this burned-to-a-carbon-crust loaf of Brioche Bread from Les Gourmands bakery in San Francisco.  Similar photos of this burned bread have appeared on Facebook as well as Twitter feeds:

$29 Brioche Bread from Les Gourmands bakery in San Francisco.
Burned to a Crisp.

Yuck!  I'm an avid ... ok, obsessed ... Sourdough Bread baker; I know a thing or two about bread baking.  I'll just say this:  If that Les Gourmands' Brioche Bread had come out of my oven, after cooling, it would have proceeded directly to one of my compost tumblers.

You can read more about Les Gourmands bakery and their head shaking pricing strategy in this Sacramento Bee article "Pricey or ‘ripoff’?"  Don't know about you, but I'm voting for the latter.


Here's hoping this latest Only-in-California happening doesn't last longer than a New York minute.

Mary Rae Fouts

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