October 23, 2017

Wag! Dog Walking: Would you trust your dog to a company that threatens its customers?

Wag!  Dog Walking, coined by Bloomberg as the 'Uber for Dog-Walking', has a pretty head shaking way of treating its human customers.

If you are an unhappy customer, Wag! doesn't just reach out and attempt to resolve the underlying issue.  Oh, no, that's clearly not enough action for Wag! to take.  You see, Wag! has its amped up attorney Mark Warren Moody send an email to the unhappy customer.

A very nasty email.

You see, the email is not simply a cease and desist message, it's a thinly veiled personal threat.

Take a look at the email Wag! attorney Mark Warren Moody sent to Wag! disgruntled customer MaryEllen Humphrey.  Oh, and why was Ms. Humphrey disgruntled?  Well, her beloved dog Buddy was lost ... yes, lost ... while out on a walk with a Wag! dog walker.   Read it out loud for its full effect:
" 'If your retraction and apology to Wag! are not publicly posted to each and every social media platform that you have used to libel Wag! within 24 hours of the time of this email, this office has been authorized to use all available means to bring as swift as possible an end to your lies,'  company attorney Mark Warren Moody wrote."
 -- Source:  "Wag, the ‘Uber for Dog-Walking,’ Is Drawing Uber-Like Scrutiny", BloombergTechnology, Oct. 16, 2017, https://tinyurl.com/yaplhkhy .
So, attorney Moody, what "all available means" are you going to use to silence Ms. Humphrey?  Are you going to send Micky the Wrench Hit Man and maybe have him him put a cap in Ms. Humphrey's head?  After all, that would bring "as swift as possible" end to the predicament, wouldn't it now?

And as this BloombergTechnology article points out, the whole mess around the lost dog Buddy caused another loss for Wag!, in the form of big bucks from big investors who bailed when learning about the lost dog Buddy mess.

And rightly so.  As a proud Mom to two beloved Faithful Canine Companions (Husky-mix Sid and Chow-mix Lexi), I would never, ever consider using Wag! for dog walking.  And if I ever received an email with the wording of attorney Moody's email, I'd have a complaint filed against the attorney with the appropriate State Bar faster than ice cream melts on a hot July afternoon.

Of maybe I should say faster than Sid eats a McDonald's soft serve ice cream cone.

Memo to Wag!:  Perhaps a couple of changes are in order.  Show attorney Mark Warren Moody the door, and get yourself a new Public Relations Firm while you're at it.

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Jerks! Was dog found?

    1. Thankfully yes, by a good Samaritan out walking a dog. Saw Buddy, ironically near one of Buddy's lost dog posters.

      The Bloomberg article points out other Wag! lost dogs; they died after being hit by cars. ;(


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