September 5, 2017

California Robot Tax: California's latest wacky tax target led by San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim

Think California's proposal to tax drinking water (read my recent blog post ) is wacky?  Well, another pending tax proposal may be just as zany.

A tax on robots.  Yep, robots.   Like Stanford Shopping Center's Security Robot K5 I posted about last year.

San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim
Photo credit:  San Francisco Chronicle

While short on details, San Francisco, California Supervisor Jane Kim has launched an initiative to get California's state-elected politicians to enact a state-wide tax on robots.  Now that's a mouthful for a sentence, isn't it?!  Kim supposedly feels the tax is necessary because robots are going to take away too many human jobs.  Not sure just what her "initiative" consists of , and not sure how she believes she can push state politicians to enact this tax when she herself is not a state-elected politician.

Oh, those pesky details.

Imagine ... A politician talking one way while living another way.
No way!!!

I noted interesting behavior by Supervisor Jane Kim when I chose the photo posted above.  That's a photo of her at a San Francisco Board of Supervisor's meeting in February 2016.  In spite of Kim's disdain for robots and automation, she has no qualms about using the technology provided by the laptop in front her her.  Why not tax laptops, Supervisor Kim?  After all, computers automate tasks humans could otherwise do.  And golly gee, Kim also disregards an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Notice the disposable coffee cup in front of her?  More litter for the landfill!

Just another only-in-California day, and yet one more California tax proposal.

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  1. She's probably also going to tax phone voice mail because it take jobs away from switchboard operators. And how about taxing modern elevators that no longer require elevator attendants to operate?


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