September 18, 2017

Gambell, Alaska: A Boxed Cake Mix = Love to Remote Alaskan Villagers

Read for some love?  Food love, that is.

Wonderful heartwarming story in today's New York Times highlighting the importance of both homemade food and local traditions.   More precisely, now a boxed cake mix brings happiness to Alaska's remote villages.  Read the article and its many insightful comments here.

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Take a moment to think of some of your fondest life memories.  Many of them will evoke food, whether it be Grandmother's apple pie or Aunt Mae's hamburger and noodle casserole. 

I love to cook and bake.  Always have.  Always will.  I am an avid sourdough baker, and frequently share my sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls.  Weeks after sharing, I continue to receive thankful comments of appreciation; of how much the bread or rolls meant to the recipient.

A recent sourdough bread bake.
All sourdough starter, no active or dried yeast.
This is my Regular Sourdough Bread.
I also bake Cinnamon Swirl Sourdough Bread and Sourdough Cheese Bread.

Slice of my Regular Sourdough Bread.
Just the right amount of holes for great sandwiches and toast.
Made with 89% unbleached bread flour and 11% whole wheat flour.
Also raw unfiltered honey and other good stuff.
So good!

And remember the slower times in life when families actually ate together at the dinner table, with no smart phones in sight?  (Secret:  that is exactly what happens at my home!)  And dinner was home cooked and not picked up fast food?  (Secret #2:  once again, that is exactly what happens at my home!)

Oh, and the highly-demanded Rum Cake made by Tanana, Alaska resident and grocery store owner Cynthia Erickson?  You can get the recipe in the article above.  And boy, does it sound delish!

Food = Love.  💖

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Fun article, don't think I could survive in such a remote place. Strong people!

  2. Eat cake! The cake mix makersshould come up with a special Alaska flavor. It not they are missing a huge marketing opportunity.


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