August 16, 2017

Peace and Harmony: Capture them in your life, just as our Faithful Canine Companions do!

Peace.  Harmony.  They are yours in your life if you want them.

I originally published the post below in July 2016, but with all the violence and anger spewing about today, it's worth another read.

Your life ... including your emotional well-being ... is created in part by what you ... yes, you ... choose to focus and dwell on.  While there is much in life we cannot control, we CAN control our personal focus and values.  Personally, I always say a big no to negativity!  We can all make the world a better place, one little task or kind thought at a time.

Read the original post here, and share your comments below.

My Husky-Malamute Mix Sid!!!

Mary Rae Fouts


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