August 29, 2017

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner: Doesn't care if Houston residents lack food and water.

To add to Houston residents' misery, they have a leader - Mayor Sylvester Turner - who clearly does not care.

Houston Evacuees
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In what can only be described as a head shaking, lame brain statement of epically inane proportions, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said this about residents' "lilypad" safe havens he has ordered opened in Houston areas:
"I don't care if there is no food or water there.
I just need to have a safe place for people to go." 
-- Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner; August 27, 2017. 
Read more about Mayor Turner's callous statement in this Weather Channel article.

Houston Evacuees
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How incredibly heartless to not care if your constituents lack food and water.

How cruel to add more misery to what must already be a nearly unbearable situation for many people in the greater Houston area.

Mayor Turner:  You need to go.  A person with your cruel convictions has no business serving as Mayor.  Or any other elected official, for that matter.

Mary Rae Fouts

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