August 23, 2017

California Drinking Water: The latest tax target.

I swear, nearly everything a person touches in California has a tax or fee associated with it.  What do our esteemed politicians want to tax now?

California's drinking water.

As if our tap water rates were not already high enough, now a state-wide California water tax is being considered.  Then what's next?  Taxing the recycled water my husband hauls for watering our gardens and trees?  Or how about a tax on the air we breath?

Purportedly the tax is necessary to clean up groundwater contaminated by agriculture, primarily in California's agricultural areas.  If agriculture businesses - primarily huge corporate farming operations - caused the contamination, why aren't they forced to pay for clean up?  Yet another bailout, this one funded by the glass of tap water you drink.

Read this East Bay Times article for more information about the proposed tax.

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. They should just go ahead and tax our air while they are at it.

    1. Don't give our esteemed California politicians any ideas!


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