August 14, 2017

Big Ben: Famous Clock Shut Down Four Years for Repairs

Bummer.  The world famous 157-year old Big Ben clock in London will be stopped for 4 years for repairs, beginning August 21.

Yes four years.  Four years without Big Ben's towering 315-feet (96 meters) presence, hourly bong, and quarterly chimes to remind you of the time.

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What an environmental, and perhaps emotional, change for people in London who frequent Big Ben's area:  the silence of this stately and ever-present constant, Big Ben.  Not to hear Big Ben's majestic hourly bong, nor his more delicate quarterly chimes.  Not to see his magnificent hands rotating around his captivating face.  However, Big Ben's chimes will be made available for special events, including New Year's Eve.

Read more about this fascinating restoration project in this Guardian article.

Rest east, Big Ben, and look forward to your full return in 4 years!

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Four years?! Thats a long time with no time!

  2. 4 years for the work? Guess some things cannot be rushed.


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