July 17, 2017

Pet Fire Safety: Do you have home safety procedures in place for your pets?

Do you have home fire safety procedures implemented for your Beloved Canine Companions?  Below is a great ... and timely ... post on the topic originally posted on Facebook by SAGE Centers for Specialty and Emergency Care.  We use their nearby Concord, CA location; SAGE is the best!  I added a couple of additional fire safety suggestions at the bottom of the post.

Wildfires are roaring once again in California and the United States Northwest.  The San Francisco Bay Area has also seen a number of very destructive residential fires recently.  If you do not have fire-related emergency procedures in place at your home for both humans and pets (this also includes working smoke detectors and visible fire extinguishers), do so today.  It just might save the lives of you and your pets tomorrow.

Concerns about Fire Insurance or Other Insurance Coverage?

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Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Never thought about having a leash handy for escape. Good idea.

  2. Also make sure to have pet food, water, and medication for emergency purposes for every pet.

  3. Good tips. I had to evacuate in Mariposa and didn't have my dogs medication. thankfully was able to get some filled, and found a place to stay that allows pets. terrible not knowing if your home is ok or burned down.


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