May 12, 2017

Betty Reid Soskin: National Park Service Ranger and American Treasure

Betty Reid Soskin.
National Park Service Ranger and American Treasure.
Right in my own back yard.

Look up the definition of "inspiration" in the dictionary, and one of the definitions will surely be - or at least should be -  "Betty Reid Soskin".

Betty is this country's oldest Park Ranger.  Working for the National Park Service at the Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, California, Betty hosts talks about race and social change during her life.

Oh, and did I mention Betty is 95-years-young?
How's that for a lifetime of experiences?
And yes, still working as a Park Ranger.
And she maintains a might fine blog, too!

Betty Reid Soskin
Photo credit:  Sierra Club
Check out Betty's blog, "Cbreaux Speaks".  And learn about her upcoming honorary doctorate degree from Mills College.

Too bad the East Bay Times newspaper buried the honorary doctorate story back in the paper's 2nd section on page B2.   Very poor, nearly shameful article placement, in my opinion.  This good-news, inspirational story deserved placement above the fold on the paper's first page A1.  Just sayin'.

In spite of media and special interest group fueled negativity today, there truly is lots of good news, and good people, around.

Focus on the good, and have a great day!

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. What am amazing woman. And still working at 95.

  2. HOpefully people will never forget how important the "Rosies" were in WW 2, holding the country together during war.


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