March 16, 2017

Frankenpoultry Lab Grown Chicken Meat: Would you eat it?

Not just any kind of chicken.
Lab grown chicken and duck meat.  
For eatin'.

Meet Frankenchicken!
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One thing's for certain:  Kentucky Fried Chicken this is not.

Let's talk about that eatin'.  Would you eat lab grown meat or poultry?  I would not.  Heck, just thinking of Frankenpoultry is enough to make me turn and run ... Fast!

If slow roast chicken - the real thing - was good enough for my Grandma, it is good enough for me.

Oh, and rather ironic that the startup company that developed this Frankenchicken is named Memphis Meats.  Wouldn't the name of Memphis Frankenmeats be more appropriate and honest?

For more info, check out this blog article from the San Jose Mercury News blog techbeat.  At $18,000 a pound, I doubt you'll see this Frankenchicken in your grocer's poultry cases any time soon.

(Note:  original post revised to correct company name.)

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Wasn't lab grown meat done with hamburger a while back?

    1. Yes, I read about it in the New York Times. Don't recall how long ago it was, though. It was a lab-grown meat that was called hamburger. Haven't read any updates since the initial article. The blog post linked to above does vaguely mention the lab-grown hamburger, I ~think~ they refer to it as meatballs grown in the lab.


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