December 12, 2016

Sid and the Vacuum Cleaner ... Not a match made in Heaven!

Husky-mix Sid and the vacuum cleaner.  Or should I say, the evil vacuum cleaner!

Sid was none too pleased to see the vacuum cleaner come out yesterday.  Check out the video below, and make sure your volume is turned up.   (Sorry for a misspelling on one of the captions, but I'm too busy to fix it now.)

Never a dull moment with my Faithful Canine Companions!

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Hilarious! Once my dog took the hose from my canister vacuum and sent running around with it in his mouth.

  2. Sid can really talk

    1. Sid has gotten more vocal this year, including "talking" back to us when he wants a treat and we don't immediately give him one.

  3. Don't think Sid wants you to vacuum.

  4. That vaccum doesn't stand a chance against Sid.

  5. Maybe Sid just wants his very own vacuum for Christmas?


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